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Why Can't You Use Phones On Planes?

During the podcast the guys cover weather modification, from the space sun shade to using hurricanes as weapons. At HowStuffWorks, concern over a common office cold turns to hysteria after news gets leaked about a local case of flesh eating bacteria. During the podcast the guys cover humanity's battle against bacteria and germ control. Matter of Time. At HowStuffWorks, Josh and Chuck use a company-wide time capsule initiative to settle an old bet on time travel, getting physicist Michio Kaku tangled in the scheme.

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In the podcast, the guys cover time paradoxes and causal loops. Trust No One. Though all the intel points to a rival podcast, a fog of cold war era suspicion invades the HSW office. During the podcast the guys cover spy recruitment, gadgetry and misinformation. Night Terrors. Kent's sleepwalking puts an embarrassing smudge on Steve's HSW growth plans, so Josh and Chuck do an amateur sleep study to find a cure. In the podcast the guys cover sleepwalking behaviors, sleep hacks and sleep deprivation.

Personal Space. During the podcast the guys cover privatization of space. I, Coffeebot. At HowStuffWorks, it's new boss Steve's first day. And driving with the intense questions from a passenger will be similar to driving with the intense questions over the phone. The conversation, not the device causes the distraction. If the tests are all run letting the driver decide when to talk and when to concentrate on driving like in real life there will be even more contrast between the test drives and driving intoxicated.

George May 8, 3: I couldn't put it better. So I will concur. Handsfree laws are useless for anything other than revenue generation. Banning cell phones even, won't keep people from being distracted by passengers etc.

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This was another example of mythbusters not understanding basic scientific method. Peter May 9, 1: What measures did they take to make sure the "inspector" had no bias in his evaluation? To be valid, the observations must be absolutely objective. Peter May 9, 2: The caller simply rings you while you are overtaking.

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And tells you not to come home anymore in the middle of a dangerous intersection. Unclebob May 16, 1: Because on the show, at full impact, everyone broke their legs in the Brace Position but stayed alive. PJ Inthara January 27, 3: Episode Jetpack, Pyramid power Next: Hollywood on Trial.

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  • Annotated Mythbusters. Killer Brace Position Myth: Economy seats No brace position: The frame took 21Gs. Buster's body took less than 50Gs of impact, and his head took Neither were deadly injuries -- it takes Gs to the head to sustain major trauma.

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    There was one major injury: Buster's leg came off broken femur. Brace position: Buster's leg broke off again. First class seats They only tested with the brace position with the first class seats. Back-facing flight attendant seat They didn't test with the brace position with the back-facing flight attendant seat.

    Can your cell phone bring down a plane?

    By Karl S. There's not a lot of real evidence for this, so people don't seem to be worried, and it certainly doesn't stop them from using their phones. Mobile phones are also the cause of a lot of stupidity when in the hands of pedestrians and motorists. In fact, it's illegal to use a hand-held phone when driving a car.

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    But strangely, most people won't use their mobile phone while they are refuelling their car's petrol tank - and in this case, it's even less likely to be dangerous. Every month or so, I get an earnest email warning me of the hazards of using my mobile phone on the forecourt of a petrol station.

    Usually, the email mentions the Shell Oil Company as its source, and quotes the same three incidents of petrol fires while refuelling. The first one has the mobile phone sitting on the boot - the phone rings, generating an instant ball of fire. The second episode has a person speaking on the phone, leading to nasty facial burns. This email has been traced back to a hoax email that landed in the inbox of a Shell employee in Jamaica.

    He rebroadcast it, but with the Shell Company signature now on the email - and this accidental non-approved signature gave the hoax more credibility. So, has a mobile phone ever set off a petrol station fire? No, according to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, who looked at petrol station fires worldwide, happening in the 11 years between and And finally no, according to the popular Mythbusters TV show, which tried mightily to make a mobile phone explode a chamber full of petrol vapour, and failed.

    It is theoretically possible to set off a petrol fire with a phone. The amount of energy needed for a spark to ignite petrol vapour is 0.