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This should allow it to run on lower spec devices, with the added benefit of not draining your battery when performing repetitive tasks. Elemental Guardians revolves around team based battles. A bit too similar, in fact. At this point, there are countless gacha games available in the Android ecosystem. Although there is an energy system that limits the amount of battles you can enter into, the main limitation is how much time you have to play.

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And by play, I mean watch your creatures pound away at your enemies in auto mode. Compared to other titles that take a two steps forward, one step back approach, this is a major improvement. In this day and age, many gamers have learned to run for the hills at the first sight of a free-to-play mobile game. Elemental Guardians has many of the same pitfalls of other freemium style games, with in-app purchases up to a hundred dollars. They allow players to open boxes with random creatures, purchase resources and energy, and generally speed things up.

Fortunately, the game is quite generous with rewarding seals for free, especially to new players. There are quests with handsome rewards for literally everything, even changing your name.

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Rather than fearing the unmatchable strength of whales, you should be more worried about the players in Australia, Canada, and other soft-launch countries that have been playing since last April. PvP is a relatively small part of the game though, and if you can get into a guild with some of these stronger players, it can even work to your advantage.

Free players can progress just fine leveling up a couple of particularly strong two-star creatures. Subscribe to GameZebo. Home Reviews Action.

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‘The Quest HD’ Review – That Old Magic is Still Alive

Action board game. The map design and initial quests funnel you well enough if you let them, but The Quest puts a lot of faith in the player right from the start.

Worlds of Magic: Planar Conquest - TrueAchievements Review

Knocking on doors will sometimes allow you to hear one piece of a conversation that has absolutely no bearing on the game at all, but adds a lot of flavor to the world itself. One quest might have you cackling at a cheap laugh, while the next might have you reflecting at its surprising poignancy. Perhaps as expected from a game from such a small team, you can really feel the personal fingerprints of the developers all over The Quest.

I like that. First-person exploration and turn-based combat make up the bulk of the game, with occasional forays into mini-games like playing cards or solving puzzles. Unless, that is, you want to do that for some reason. Hey, you never know. A lot of games look like the classics if you squint enough, but not many of them manage to be as enjoyable to play when you stop squinting. In addition to the graphical overhaul and new UI, The Quest HD fixes a number of bugs from the original version and offers a greatly improved soundtrack.

Even if you already own the original, seeing The Quest looking this sharp is worth throwing down the money for the remake.